French Macarons – Part 3

As I promised, yesterday I had my macaron making fest. I live-tweeted and Instagrmmed the occasion and I got me some very fun moments with Lapse It. The result: perfect! Everybody who tried the cookies loved them, and they didn’t just pretend they loved them, they actually loved them… I saw it in their eyes. But let’s start at the beginning.

First I made the fillings because they need at least 45 minutes rest in the fridge. To make my life more difficult, I chose to make 2 different macarons, so I needed 2 different filling. Filling one was easy since it was peanut butter and jelly. The other one however, the strawberry butter cream one, needed some preparation.

PB+J and Strawberry Butter Cream in pastry bags

I did make the peanut butter at Whole Foods by pushing the button and freshly grained it, but I only bought the jelly – shame on me, right?

After the fillings, I started the cookies. Oh boy was it a challenge! The first part – almond flour, egg whites, sugar and food coloring was great. Everything went well and I got to separate the paste in half, so I could use 2 different colors. Then came the meringue part. I make the best meringues in town but still somehow managed to fu*ck it up. But you know what was the problem? I didn’t use real eggs. I bought egg whites from Whole Foods and used that. I thought it’s the same thing, but I was wrong. So I had to make a do-over with real egg whites this time.

Violet and brown colored cookie paste + meringue base

After I mixed the paste and base I put them in pastry bags and they were ready for the next step.

The raw macaron cookies are ready to roll!

Now came the time consuming part: pipe the macaron shells on a parchment paper and bake them for 12 minutes. Did I promise you a time lapse video about me, baking? Here you go. Don’t be too judgmental, please. This is my very first home-made time lapse video ever!

 After baking I had the cookies cool, then filled them with the strawberry butter cream and PB+J. Some of the shells got squished in the process, but I managed to make a fair amount of “close to perfect” macarons.

The Strawberry Butter Cream Ones

 I made these shells first, and they got a little too big for my taste. But whatever. Just the beauty of the homemade macarons!

The PB+J Ones

The PB+J one on the other hand turned out perfect both in shape and size.

I believe I can say Mission: Accomplished. This was a fun ride and I’ll definitely do it again. And hopefully next time it won’t take me 4 hours to finish. If you would like to make macarons too, I recommend you to take Kristen Joerger’s class on SkillShare. Without her little secrets I wouldn’t be able to do this.

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