When Family is in Town – Part 1

New Haven, CT

It’s always a little (sometimes a lot) stressful when you have family visiting in town especially if they stay with you. You want them to have a wonderful time and are about to replace every furniture in your home just to make sure you did everything you could in the name of comfort. But when if someone is as appreciative as my cousin and his girlfriend, then you don’t really have anything to stress out abut.

The precious couple arrived to NYC on Saturday and I got to pick them up from Newark (EWR). Obviously I picked the wrong transportation and spent 1 hour in Manhattan traffic, managed to arrive to the airport in a light 2 hours late. But cousin and girlfriend waited patiently for me and didn’t even mentioned a thing.

Despite of the long trip and jet-lag, I made them come to a house warming party with me to feel the real “American” spirit. Seemingly they liked it, but got tired around 1:00 AM so we went home. But it wasn’t enough for me, my torturous self made them wake up @ 7:45 AM so we could take the 9:07 AM train to New Haven to trip Yale University and meet my friend who’s a Ph.D. student there. I figured it’s always a great experience to meet a successful people who made it here from Hungary.

We had an amazing time, took a lot of pictures and eat a gigantic Pizza from Frank Pepe’s. As a result of my strict “sleep no more” rules, I think the precious couple doesn’t have a jet-lag anymore.

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