When Family is in Town – Part 2

Best burgers in D.C.

Having family in town is fun! You know why? Because you rediscover the city you live in, and get to go places you wouldn’t go normally. Cousin brought Girlfriend so I didn’t have to trip Ms Liberty this time, but we spent some hot – and when I say hot I mean HOT – days in Washington, D.C.

When my mom came to visit me I took her to the deserted city of DC and despite of the the freezing chills of the season she had a lot of fun. This time, the situation was reversed: despite of the sizzling heat of the season we had fun. Obviously we tried to spend as little time outside as we could, but this didn’t keep us from the Arlington Cemetery.

I think we had the biggest fun in the Smithsonian Museums. Even if we had an appointment to the Capitol we didn’t go because there was a) a lot to see b) we lacked some identification material. Oh well.

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